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Meyer's Parrot

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Native to:
Burundi, Chad, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda,Zambia.
2 Yrs.
25 - 30 Yrs.

The Meyer's parrot is popular due to its easy-going personality. Described as a "go with the flow" parrot, Meyer's parrots are not as active or athletic as other Poicephalus. They are considered more pet birds. The Meyerr's parrot likes a challenge, so it will interactive toys such as puzzles toys and foraging toys. Meyer's parrots have the comical, playful and animated personality of larger parrots, but without the cost, mess or noise typically associated with bigger pet parrots.

Meyer's parrots are mellow and will easily interact with all members of the family. They are not great talkers and are actually considered one of the quietest parrots without making particularly loud calls. Meyer's parrots' beaks can become overgrown, so provide plenty of hard toys and wood for them to chew on. They also tend to gain excessive weight. Provide your Meyer's with a healthy diet consisting of pellets, fresh fruit, vegetables and greens.  They are a good choice for beginning bird owners.

DIET: Meyer's parrots thrive on a pellet-based diet along with fresh fruits, vegetables and greens.
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