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Native to Madagascar and surrounding islands, Vasa parrots are the largest parrots in their natural range. An adult greater vasa parrot's body size (500 grams) is comparable to a large Congo African grey parrot. However, vasa parrots have extremely long necks, legs and tails, giving them the appearance of a much larger bird. The plumage is a subtle grayish-black and often reflects bluish hues in sunlight. The ceres and eye rings are naked.
At first glance, these birds look as if they might be a strange cross of crow, pigeon and pheasant until you see the signature hookbill of a parrot. Characterized as extremely curious and active, these birds are a joy to watch.

They love baths - dust baths, water baths, sunbathing - it doesn't seem to matter. Some are good talkers, and most enjoy cuddling and being held. Their natural calls are almost donkey-like snorts and whines, and they're generally considered to be "quieter" parrots. The volume and noise level does, however, increase dramatically during the breeding season. They do best when kept in an aviary or a very large cage due to their active nature and long tails. Toys are, of course, a must. Both chewable and mechanical toys are useful for keeping the vasa mind, body and beak stimulated.

DIET: Formulated pellet and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Seeds and whole nuts should be reserved for treats and foraging toys.
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