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African Greys

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Native to:
Central and Western Africa
3 - 4 yrs
40 - 50 yrs

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Renowned for it's intelligence and talking ability. They can be considered a bit shy and introverted. They may only connect and bond with one person at a time, acting aloof with others. 

One of the most rigid and pattern oriented birds. Keenly observant and very sensitive to change.  African Greys are excellent talkers and mimics, and often sound exactly like humans. 

They are very empathetic and emotional, with each bird having it's own unique personality and traits. They can be very demanding of time and attention.  Because of their intelligence, they are tactile and known for escape from basic cages. Stimulation and attention are not an option, they are a must to keep this bird happy and healthy. They actually may self mutilate if bored or under stimulated, and can be manipulative.

DIET: Pelleted blend, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds as treats. A small amount of white meat, such as chicken is occasionally welcomed as well, as is completely cooked egg.