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Quick Information

Pet Status:
Will not talk
Noise Level:
Native to:
1 - 4 yrs.
15 - 20 yrs.

The Guyana toucanet is dimorphic: the male has a black head and breast, and the female has a gray breast, black crown and chestnut nape. Both have red and black beaks, red irises, blue skin around the eye and yellow ear patches. Guyana toucanets can be hand-tamed, particularly when hand-fed as babies. 

The female Guyana toucanet is often regarded as one of the prettiest of the toucanets. Like other toucans, this species is intelligent, active, playful and affectionate. They enjoy learning and performing tricks and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Guyana toucanets primarily eat fruit in the wild, and the same should be replicated in our homes. Because citric acid facilitates the absorption of iron, it is recommended not to give Guyana toucanet any citric fruits. In addition to a wide variety of fruits, their diet should be supplemented with a low-iron protein source. Because they tend to be territorial and sometimes even aggressive with other bird species, it is not advisable to place Guyana toucanet in a mixed aviary. 

DIET: Diet must be very high in fresh fruits, at least 50%, and commercial low iron pelleted blends are now more widely available to supplement the diet.