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Patagonian Conure

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Central Chili and the northern and central parts Argentina.
2 yrs
20 - 30 yrs.

This genus consists of only the one species, of which there are three subspecies. Both the Patagonian Conure and the subspecies, the Greater Patagonian Conure are becoming common in captivity as they are growing in popularity. 
Besides 'big feet' and the ability to 'burrow' the Patagonian Conures have some other very distinctive features. They are some of the largest conures, they tend to look more similar to macaws than to other conure species, and they have an unusual brown coloring.
These birds are very social and love companionship, their natural behavior is to live in very large groups and to nest closely to one another. They make a very fine and affectionate pet. Being quite intelligent, they are good talkers. However they do have a harsh voice and can get rather loud. This along with being very sociable makes them an ideal aviary bird. 

DIET: In the wild the Patagonian Conure eats seeds, berries, fruits, and probably vegetable matter. As a pet they will enjoy a variety of sprouts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, and commercial pellets, as well as the same nutritional foods humans eat.
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