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Harlequin Macaw

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Hybrid - parent species from South America

50+ Yrs.

People who own hybrid Macaws claim to have the "best of both worlds", and the Harlequin Macaw may be a good example as to why they feel that way. Both parents required to produce a Harlequin -- a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Greenwing Macaw -- are known for having laid-back and affectionate personalities. While Harlequin Macaws will have moments of frustration like any parrot, they are a good choice for those who would like a large bird with an even temper and calm demeanor

Highly intelligent and strikingly beautiful, Harlequin Macaws have become popular pets in recent decades. Comical yet affectionate, these large parrots make wonderful companions for the right people.

Harlequin Macaws need plenty of human interaction and mental stimulation in order to remain healthy, happy, and well-adjusted pets. Those interested in adopting a Harlequin Macaw should be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours a day directly socializing with their pet. Harlequin Macaws thrive on being part of a flock, so include your bird in as many family activities as possible.  

DIET: Diet consists of a pelleted blend, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds as treats. A small amount of white meat, such as chicken is occasionally welcomed as well, as is completely cooked egg.