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Quick Information

Pet Status:
Noise Level:
Native to:
Australia and the Philipines

up to 70 Yrs.

Very emotionally needy, but also loving and as cuddly as they come.
Can be very destructive with toys and cage.
Loves to be handled and spend time out of the cage.
Thrives on attention, and actively seeks it through any means it deems necessary.
They enjoy clownish behaviors to get your attention.
Fair talkers and mimics.
May develop screaming, feather plucking, or self mutilating behaviors if ignored.
Does not adapt well to change, and may lash out.
Dusty birds that need frequent baths. May aggravate allergies.

DIET: Diet consists of a pelleted blend, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds as treats. A small amount of white meat, such as chicken is occasionally welcomed as well, as is completely cooked egg.