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Black Lory

Quick Information

Pet Status:

Noise Level:
Native to:
Indonesia and New Guinea
3 - 4 Yrs.
15 - 25 Yrs.

Extremely energetic and acrobatic.
Very mechanical and love taking things apart.
Rambunctious and intelligent, they pick up tricks eagerly.
Very friendly and can be quite fond of cuddles.
Social yet independent and happy to play on their own.
Thought to be among the most gentle and good natured of the Lorys.
Can produce very high pitched, loud calls when excited or afraid.
Housing a Lory with any bird smaller or bigger is a massive challenge, as their rambunctious antics can lead to injury.

DIET: Diet consists of fresh fruit daly, and nectar. A commercial nectar powder is recommended, and may be mixed with water, or simply offered beside fresh water.