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Native to:
South America - Brazil
2 Yrs.
20 - 30 Yrs.

Jenday Conures can easily be confused with Sun Conures. Though they look very similar, the Jenday Conure can easily be distinguished though their dark green wings and their dark orange-red stomachs. They have a golden hood that covers the face, the crown, and the neck. Their eyes are also surrounded by a white ring and an orange-red patch. The beak of this conure is thick and like all Aratinga, the genus, their beaks are black. Their tail is very colorful as well. It is an iridescent blue intermixed with and olive green. This shimmering blue is also present on the tips of the wings.

When Jenday Conures are juveniles their coloring is green and less vibrant. As the conure matures the coloring will gradually start to brighten. Most of the coloring is acquired after the first year.

The Jenday Conure is a fantastic pet. They are very affectionate and will readily accept attention from anyone. They enjoy being scratched and enjoy having their feathers stroked. It is not uncommon to see this conure initiate being petted by bending its head forward.  The need to be with their owners is strong and many will climb inside their owner's shirt. Once there, many will find a cozy spot and peak through a sleeve or the neck opening. These conures will gladly stay tucked inside your shirt until removed. Most seem to enjoy the warmth of your body.

DIET: A pellet blend with some seeds. It is important to add fresh fruits and vegetable to their diet as well.