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Native to:
South America - Southern Brazil
2 Yrs.
20 - 30 Yrs.

The Gold-capped Conure is a wonderful pet. They are common amongst parrot breeders and can be found for reasonable prices. They have wonderful personalities and are very affectionate creatures. They have so much energy that finding time to play is never a problem. To help burn their excess energy, these conures need time outside their cage. Handfed babies will eagerly cling to the side of the cage until they are let out and placed onto a play stand.

Spending time with their owners is essential to their psychological health. They need to be interacted with daily. Placing your conure on your shoulders is a great way to include him in your activities. While watching television with you, this conure will easily find a nice pocket or place to snuggle in.

Their antics are quite amusing too. There is nothing more comical then watching a conure play on its stand or move its head up and down. They enjoy swinging, flapping, and chewing. Again, they are truly active, and at times during relaxing moments it can be difficult to keep them rested. Having some sort of distraction is great to keep them still, such as wooden hand toys.

DIET: A mixture of pellets and seeds. Substitute fruits and vegetables daily. Fresh fruits and vegetables offer the conure natural unprocessed nutrients that are healthy for him.