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The Canary, actually a member of the finch family, gets it's name from it's native Canary Islands.  As pets, they do not require a great deal of attention, and are suitable for beginning bird owners.  They are not particularly social birds, so for the most part a single canary will be happy.
When thinking about purchasing a canary, one thing to take into account is the size of the cage you should purchase to house your bird.  You should get a cage that allows for flight.  Canaries need lots of exercise and should never have their wings clipped. You should also provide toys and perches, but place them in the cage in such a way as to not obstruct flight space.
Male canaries "sing" more than their female counterparts, mostly because their hormones "tell" them to!  They sing to attract a mate, to declare territory and sometimes simply for their own pleasure.  The song announces to the other canaries that the singer is healthy and strong.

DIET: Diet consists of a pelleted blend, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds as treats. A small amount of white meat, such as chicken is occasionally welcomed as well, as is completely cooked egg.